Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Desperate

I'm not going to try to give excuses for why I took such a long blog hiatus other than to say, life is crazy pants. I thought June was bad but July has put it to shame. Wowzers.

I won't be doing any DIY projects for the month of July. Probably not even free ones. We need to save every penny for closing and I barely have the mental capacity to do dishes lately. I may be able to post some tutorials/projects from previous months but, as I said, dishes aren't even happening right now.

Here's some info to bring you up to speed.

Good news = We have a purchase agreement signed on the condo! Someone wants to buy it! Hooray!!!! We actually had TWO people who wanted to buy the condo. It didn't turn into a bidding war though. It was more of a race to see who could get financing approval first. I'm happy with who won the race because he seemed to really love the place and I know he'll take good care of it. He also gave me the sweetest compliment. He mentioned that there was another condo in our complex for sale and it was cheaper. However, he picked our place because it was completely move in ready and the cleanest place he had ever seen. Yeah, I totally teared up at that. All of my painting/organizing/fixing up/staging/mega-cleaning paid off and was appreciated! Sa-weet!

Bad news = Someone in our complex (not us) is in a legal dispute with our homeowners association about a past due balance. As a condo, we are seen as one entity and banks will not loan money to someone wanting to buy a property in the middle of litigation. We are working our booties off to find some other loan options for our buyer because we all want this sale to go through. We may have found a solution but *KNOCK ON SOME SERIOUS WOOD* that it all goes through because things could still fall apart. At any moment.

The suspense is killer, yall. Husband and I have both been on the edge of our seats this entire month.

Good/Bad news = We found a house we love! This is good and bad because we found a house we love (yay) but, we may lose it (boo). I feel stuck in this awesome and terrible mix of emotions. I don't want to get my hopes up because we might lose this amazing house but it is so freaking close I can almost hug taste own it. Say a prayer, light a candle, or sacrifice a goat for us. We don't discriminate against any religious act that will get us this house! Well, maybe not the goat one. That might be a little much. Okay, please don't kill any goats or other animals. But light as many damn candles as you can find.

Husband has been a true champ through this entire roller coaster. He is constantly answering phone calls, emails, and text messages between lenders, our buyer, our seller, and our Realtor. He's been working hard to tackle obstacles and find solutions so we can move into our dream home. Wes = Awesomesauce. Round of applause for Husband. *clap clap* I really hope all of this hard work pays off.

That's all the news I really have now. I feel a bit better having blogged about it. I may just post updates on Mission: Sell the Damn Condo Already. and I'll come up with a better name for this series too. Bear with me, kids.

Obligatory photo:

This is a dwarf hibiscus I bought for staging our patio. It has been surviving beautifully during all this chaos. Maybe because plants don't know the first thing about lawsuits or conventional loans. Lucky bastards.


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